Events & Bouts

2017 Home Bouts

All Kingston Derby Girls home bouts take place at the Memorial Centre in Kingston (303 York Street). Kids 10 and under always get in free.

May 13:

  • Skateful Dead vs. Bloody Marys
  • Disloyalists vs. The Pulp Affliction

June 3: 

  • Disloyalists vs.Rum Rollers
  • Skateful Dead vs. Violet Uprising

June 24:

  • Black vs. White Scrimmage

July 22:

  • Disloyalist vs. Deathtrack Dolls
  • Smash Squad vs. TBD

Aug. 19:

  • Black vs. White Scrimmage

Sept. 9:

  • Disloyalist vs. Atom Smashers
  • Skateful Dead vs. Motor City Madames (DRRD)

2017 Away Bouts

May 6:

  • Skateful Dead vs. SS Rebel Rollers

May 28:

  • KDG Smash Squad vs. DRRDy Farmers

June 10:

  • Skateful Dead vs. PARD-y-Riverside Riot

June 17:

  • Skateful Dead vs. HCRG Harlots

July 8:

  • Smash Squad competes in The Fresh & The Furious Tournament (Toronto, ON)
  • KDG Rogue Warriors vs. ACRD Assault Squad

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The KDG calendar

Check out our calendar for more information on the Kingston Derby Girls’ schedule: we’re a busy group, with practices, training sessions, team drafts, closed scrimmages, and bouts going on all the time.