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Disloyalist star continues to rise

On Saturday, Kingston Derby Girls’ Disloyalists headed to The Bunker in Toronto to take on Toronto Roller Derby’s D-VAS (Deadly Viper Assassination Squad). Playing at Downsview Park’s Bunker, the site of the first Roller Derby World Cup, was something like playing on Wrigley Field or at Fenway Park for our team. The D-VAS team receives coaching from some of the best players in Ontario, so tensions were high. Our Disloyalist lineup featured two of the league’s recent drafts, Jamburglar and Ker-Osene, and a range of newer jammer talent, including Yo! Shanity Slam, recently drafted from the Skateful Dead.

Continuing to capitalize on their grasp of pack strategy and ability to work as one, the Disloyalists pulled quickly ahead, and though the D-VAS surged back in the second half, they were never able to close the gap between the two teams. The final score was 314 to 55 for the Disloyalists.

TORD were wonderful hosts (cheesecake brownies!) — thank you, TORD and D-VAS, for having us and for the great game. Our team did us proud in the Bunker; we’re also proud that two of our refs, Fraud Flintstone and John Eh Smackdonald, represented our zebras well on the track. The Kingston Derby Girls are earning a reputation for excellence in the derby world, and we can’t wait to see where this season continues to take us!

Read the excellent and detailed coverage of the bout by The Derby Nerd. You can even watch the bout online! The first half is here, and the second half is here. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some heavy-hitting, smart derby!

KDG 2012 Season Trailer

The 2012 roller derby season is almost upon us! Check out this amazing teaser for a taste of the action we have in store! Are you ready for this?

Thanks to Papa Razzi, aka Steve Koopman of Unveiled Photography, for his stunning shots and for making this trailer!

ABCs of derby

In anticipation of KDG’s season opener (May 5!!!), we thought we’d give everyone a little refresher on the basic rules of everyone’s favourite 4-wheeled sport. Here’s a stylish video by the always-informative women at Montreal Roller Derby about the ABCs of derby.

Warming up for 2012

Our 2012 season is warming up! We’re back on skates and back in training, ready to give Kingston another fantastic year of roller derby. Cogeco TV recently posted this video, which originally aired on the TVCOGECO newsmagazine program K-Town Source. Shot mostly at our final bout of 2011, Back to Cruel II, it features interviews with Knit Whip, Box Punch, Cat O’Clysm, and Skate At Home Mom, mixed with some great shots from The Disloyalists’ game! Check it out!

KDG end of season montage by Unveiled Photography

Huge thanks and appreciation to Steven Koopman of Unveiled Photography for the Last Practice 2010 Montage live from frigid Wally Elmer!

K.D.G.-End of Season

Please check the gallery page for all of the footage from the Kingston Derby Girls in 2010 including shots from the early practices, our Roller Derby Bout debut “Back To Cruel”, Fresh Meat Camp, and many other public appearances!

Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors, coaches, referees, volunteers, injured skaters, City of Kingston, The Mansion, our fans, and all of the derby widows who have helped make The Kingston Derby Girls possible this year. We look forward to a hard hitting 2011 and returning to action in the New Year!

Happy Holidays from the Kingston Derby Girls

Back to Cruel – Highlight Reel

Many thanks to Derby Fan Scott Adamson for the AMAZING highlight reel of Back to Cruel! If you missed the event be sure to check this out!

Kingston Derby Girls – Back to Cruel from Scott Adamson from Kingston Life Magazine on Vimeo.

Back To Cruel – HD Footage!

Thanks to Manic Breeze’s DERBY DAD for the amazing high-def rinkside footage!