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School’s Out For Summer

SOS School's Out for Summer bout posterThis bout preview has been penned by guest poster and Skateful Dead coach Wry and Ginger.

June 21st marks the start of the summer with a double header that our phys-ed teachers would not approve of! Remember back in high school when all the sports were non-contact? The Kingston Derby Girls have no time for that. Get ready for lots of big hits, some crazy tactics, and a few apex jumps to make the school nurse cringe. First whistle at 6:30 p.m. marks the start of the Skateful Dead versus Lindsay Roller Derby. The Dead plan to school Lindsay with some serious offensive moves. The partnership of Coop du Jour and The General gets top marks from their coach Colin-the-Shots for holding back even the wiliest of jammers, while the slinky skills of Caume-A-Kazi mean she would never get caught cheating in class.

Between the bouts, there are rumours flying about half-time action that is not to be believed. We have heard that there will be tacos and burritos aplenty in the parking lot courtesy of KDG sponsor and world’s greatest burrito truck Mission Street North — Head NSO Emily Carr Crash is currently recruiting for the position of Taco Wrangler to make sure the refs and other officials get their fill between the games. Also returning this bout to the Memorial Centre: halftime tricycle races!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we bring you the Disloyalists versus the Durham Derby Devils! If you thought detention was bad, you should see a solid shoulder block from Madge! And you don’t want to be late for class with a blocking line that includes the likes of Mr. Kristi and Manic Breeze. BUT…should you have to stay after school, you best report to detention at the after party — we’ll see you at the Mansion!

Get your bout tickets online or in Kingston at the Mansion, Digigraphics, Novel Idea, the Sleepless Goat, Chumleigh’s, and Blossoms.

The Mother of All Bouts Indeed

This is a guest post by Disloyalist Manic Breeze.

KDG had its season opener this past Saturday: the Mother of All Bouts (a little Mothers’ Day theme going on there, I just noticed while writing this). It was a double header, and WHAT a double header it was! The evening opened with The Skateful Dead and Rogue Warriors continuing to battle in a tug-of-war hometown rivalry. To my excitement, both teams chose to play their very new recruits from the last batch of Fresh Meat — drafted just last week! — and wow, are we getting awesome new skaters every year.

Watching these two teams fight it out is fascinating; I’ve watched as players have come and gone from both teams, but somehow I find the essence of each team has stayed the same, with hard hits from the Dead and great teamwork from the Rogues. It could have been either team’s win, and that’s always a bout worth watching. The first half of the game made this evident, as the score bounced up and down as each team took lead from the other.

The Rogues’ team knows strategy, works together in a tight pack, forms walls, bridges when needed; it’s a choreographed dance, really. My favourite moments from the Rogues on Saturday? As always, I was impressed with Kimminent Danger, whose agility improves continuously and who scored 19 points in one jam early on — damn, can that lady skate! Promising new skater Fist n’ Shout! (note: I love your name) is a solid as @^&! jammer, with balance, perseverance, and speed on her side. Cat O’Clysm and n00b Tara F.N. Headoff both performed huge sweeping hits on Dead jammers, and oh, I doubt it’ll ever get old to see a crowd respond to that.

The Skateful Dead strike fear in my heart, I’m not going to lie. At one point, they lined up Coop du Jour, Polly Slamory, Newey & Improved, and The General at once — that is a terrifying line of ass! Frigger Skater is an all-around wonder of a player, with jammer helping off the start line, impressive footwork, and gigantic smashing hits timed perfectly. The Dead have mostly new jammers this season, with Caume-a-Kazi standing out, showing incredible talent and track awareness. She reminds me of a cross between Los Conos’ Mean Lil’ Mama and Eves of Destruction’s Saragorn…and believe me, these are huge compliments!

In the second half of the game, the Dead stayed on top, despite Nikki Heat scoring 8 points for the Rogues with two minutes left. Congrats to the Skateful Dead on their win with a final score of 166 to 145! To see the rematch between the Dead and the Rogues, you’ll have to wait until our season closer, Back to Cruel 5, on September 6.

After the first bout, KDG’s Disloyalists took on Quebec City’s les Duchesses, and we got our asses handed to us, while we basically got laid on the ground. These womyn play tight, strong, fast derby and they maintained energy and teamwork throughout the bout while scoring innumerable points against us. Okay, the points were numerable. But numbers don’t matter, right? What? You insist on knowing? Well, it was a final score of — cough cough cough cough — 319 to — cough — 31. We fought hard and I want to give huge chest bumps to eff ewe, Mr. Kristi, Timbit, and Queen Blitz for pushing it hard and doing great blocking. LaVallee of the Dolls played a fearsome game, getting lead jammer status a BUNCH of times, and that was no easy feat against this particular team! TyKnee Smasher jumped into a jamming role in the second half as well, and blew my socks off with her boundless energy.*

But I’m totally comfortable in saying that Les Duchesses rocked us. And they are a FUN and HAPPY team, whose company I greatly enjoyed (especially at the afterparty). Personally, I LOVE getting shown how it’s done. And if Beat on the Quads, Feline Dion, and Nana Bistouri want to play again, I’m IN. Bring it on. In fact, bring on the season! Nothing quite like getting your ass kicked to make you beg for more roller derby.

*Editor’s note: Please note that Manic Breeze has not mentioned her impressive blocking and jamming in this writeup, so I will. It was amazing. – Cat O’Clysm

Derby girls are all over town!

Derby girls are popping up all this city! Hear us on your radio, watch us on your TV, and keep an eye out for derby girls walking down your street! We’re giving away an absurd number of tickets, we’re partying with our freshly drafted rookie skaters, we’re in your house drinking your coffee! Well, maybe not. But who can say?

Win yer tickets on Facebook. Win them by listening to The Drive or FlyFM. Try to shake a derby girl down for tickets (not recommended). See you Saturday!

Two sleeps til the season opener. It’s DERBY WEEK IN KINGSTON!

Fresh meat tackle MSR tonight

Tonight is the final testing night for this year’s crop of fresh meat, a talented, determined, and awe-inspiring group of women who have come together over thirteen weeks to tackle new skills, push their limits, and show each other, the league, and themselves what they’re capable of. The fresh meat camp coaches have seen these women do amazing things: master the eleven-second track lap, learn to skate and jump backward, and find out what it’s like to give and take a hit on rollerskates. Tonight they take on their minimum skills test to find out if they’ll be eligible to be drafted to KDG teams. You’ll be seeing many of these women on the flat track this season — wish them luck tonight!

Happy birthday Kingston Derby Girls!

That’s right, we’re turning four! It was exactly four years ago that sixty-odd women strapped on rollerskates, some for the first time, and shakily made their way into the centre of the Memorial Centre for our first practice. Look how far we’ve come! Happy birthday to us.

Are you excited for the fifth season of roller derby in Kingston?

Because let me tell you.


Roller derby kicks off in Kingston May 10

Get ready, Kingston, it’s derby season again, and you only have four (count ‘em, FOUR) chances to see your league in action at the Memorial Centre this year!

KDG explodes into its fifth season with a double header sure to keep you (and your mom!) on the edge of your seat all night long.

First up are hometown rivals the Skateful Dead and Rogue Warriors. These two teams had several dramatic match-ups last year, and this year you only have TWO chances to see them face off against each other at home — don’t miss out!

Next up is a rematch between The Disloyalists and Les Duchesses of Quebec City. Last year, Les Duchesses took the win on their home track; this year, home advantage goes to Kingston, and with our fans behind us, we know we can come out on top this time.

Suicide seating is available so bring your own chairs to get up close and personal with your favourite derby girls!

Doors open at 5:30, first whistle at 6:30.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, and kids 10 and under are FREE! You can buy tickets at The Mansion, Chumleighs (all three locations), Novel Idea, and Blossoms Kingston, or online.

See you on the flat track!

Thanks Flyin’ Bryan!

Yeah, that’s right, Flyin’ Bryan Killman (manager of TORD’s Bay Street Bruisers, co-founder and skater for Toronto Men’s Roller Derby, and manager of Team Canada 2014) dropped in to run an amazing three-hour practice and give us lots of great feedback and stuff to work on this season. Thanks, Bryan! Come back soon!

Derby Frontier Trans Awareness Week

The Canadian Derby Frontier site is hosting a Trans Awareness in Sports Week! That makes this a great time to remind all our fans of the Kingston Derby Girls’ gender policy.

If you’re a lady, you’re a lady. No questions asked.

Head on over to for a ton more info, from blog posts to interviews to first-hand thoughts from derby girls about body image, passive discrimination, gender labels, and more.


Your Kingston Derby Girls have been accepted into the Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association as an apprentice league. The apprenticeship program is a stepping stone toward becoming a full member league in the biggest roller derby association in the world. We are over the moon and can’t wait to see what new opportunities will be heading our way in our fifth season!

Congratulations to US and to all the other new apprentice leagues in Canada and across the globe!

Guest coaches all over the place!

Are we ever feeling popular. Just last week we had a visit from the incomparable Francey Pants, MVP for Team France at 2011′s World Cup, and tonight we’re playing host to analyst, commentator, and Bay Street Bruisers coach The Derby Nerd. The Nerd has visited us before, guest announcing with Dr. Sneaks for last year’s season closer Back to Cruel 3, and we are stoked to work on our jam starts and jam kills under his expert tutelage. Few people in Canada know derby like the Derby Nerd knows derby!