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Thanks Flyin’ Brian!

Yeah, that’s right, Flyin’ Brian (manager of TORD’s Bay Street Bruisers, co-founder and skater for Toronto Men’s Roller Derby, and manager of Team Canada 2014) dropped in to run an amazing three-hour practice and give us lots of great feedback and stuff to work on this season. Thanks, Brian! Come back soon!

Derby Frontier Trans Awareness Week

The Canadian Derby Frontier site is hosting a Trans Awareness in Sports Week! That makes this a great time to remind all our fans of the Kingston Derby Girls’ gender policy.

If you’re a lady, you’re a lady. No questions asked.

Head on over to for a ton more info, from blog posts to interviews to first-hand thoughts from derby girls about body image, passive discrimination, gender labels, and more.


Your Kingston Derby Girls have been accepted into the Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association as an apprentice league. The apprenticeship program is a stepping stone toward becoming a full member league in the biggest roller derby association in the world. We are over the moon and can’t wait to see what new opportunities will be heading our way in our fifth season!

Congratulations to US and to all the other new apprentice leagues in Canada and across the globe!

Guest coaches all over the place!

Are we ever feeling popular. Just last week we had a visit from the incomparable Francey Pants, MVP for Team France at 2011′s World Cup, and tonight we’re playing host to analyst, commentator, and Bay Street Bruisers coach The Derby Nerd. The Nerd has visited us before, guest announcing with Dr. Sneaks for last year’s season closer Back to Cruel 3, and we are stoked to work on our jam starts and jam kills under his expert tutelage. Few people in Canada know derby like the Derby Nerd knows derby!

Disloyalists take on top-ranked team in Canada

This is a guest post by Disloyalist triple threat Manic Breeze.

At the beginning of the 2013 season, the Disloyalists made a decision to play fierce and difficult teams, to get our a**es kicked so that we might improve in skill, endurance, and strategy. On May 25th, in Ottawa, we took on the highest-ranked home team in Canada, the Slaughter Daughters. On top of this ranking spot, the SD also hold the champion title for major Montreal tournament Beast of the East, and roster two players (Soul Rekker and Semi Precious) who were part of Team Canada at the Derby World Cup in 2011. All in all, the Slaughter Daughters are a terrifying force of awesomeness for us to have pitted ourselves against.

What was the score, you ask? They won, with a final score of 328 to 87. Now that may sound like a total blowout, and I guess it was. But I feel like we played amazingly well, and I think I speak for all of the Disloyalists when I say I am ecstatic with this result. If you are a stats nerd, then it’ll excite you to hear that according to Rollergirl rankings, we scored a ratio of 7:26 (we scored 7 points for every 26 they scored), as opposed to the expected ratio of 7:41. That is 182 game points short of the expected ratio. Basically, we are totally amazing!

Beyond numbers, it was a blast. Before the bout started, we cheered internally that they didn’t expect us to be ferocious, powerful creatures, and I think we kept that feeling alive throughout the course of the competition. Though we faced an entire team of tireless, deking players, each as agile and hard-hitting as the next, whose jammers jumped the apex on us TWICE, we played our own game and stuck with our strategy. Special mentions to Luci Fleur for all of her waterfalling and chasing, Vincent for forcing cutting penalties, Queen Blitz for offensive work off the line, and Banger Management and Vagina Dentata for blocking like they block. Big high fives to LaVallee of the Dolls for scoring the first point of the game in the first jam.

Thanks to Colin-the-Shots and Knit Whip from the Skateful Dead for coming out to support us as bench manager and blocker! I would also like to underline how grateful I am to coach Sly for his work with us, in the preceding months as well as at this challenging bout. He is a smart, dedicated and encouraging coach and I can see our team improving quickly as a result of this support.

With love for this sport,
Manic Breeze

[Photos by and courtesy of Wojciech Kozlowski. Thanks Wojciech!]

Happy birthday, Kingston Derby Girls!

Three years ago tonight, the very first Kingston Derby Girls laced up their rollerskates at the Memorial Centre for the very first practice. Those first few months were a trial, with more injuries than we care to think about, and the slow dawning of the knowledge that no one in Kingston actually knew how to play roller derby.

How far we have come in just three years, baby!

These days, our newest players understand the game far better than our most knowledgeable players did then. Many of those now-veteran skaters are still with us, and many talented new skaters have joined us along the way. We now have three amazing, skillful teams competing with each other and other teams across the province and internationally, and we are exploring the possibility of applying to become a WFTDA league to compete at an even higher level. We skate safe and we skate strong. We have players who have showcased KDG’s awesomeness at the Ontario Roller Derby Skills Competition, we have earned the respect of the Derby Nerd, and this season we’re playing against such formidable opponents as this past weekend’s Beast of the East champions, the Slaughter Daughters. The Kingston Derby Girls are on the Canadian roller derby map and our star continues to rise. We do not apologize for the mixed metaphors. Happy, happy birthday to Kingston’s first and greatest roller derby league; long may KDG continue to grow and thrive.

May the Fourth Be With You!

KDG Season OpenerSaturday, May 4th, 2013, marks the start of the fourth season of roller derby in Kingston! Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the whistle blows at 6:30 at the Memorial Centre (303 York Street). This action-packed double header starts off with KDG’s Disloyalists taking on Toronto’s GTARollergirls’ G-Stars. The Disloyalists haven’t met the girls from GTAR since the end of our second season, when a hard-fought battle ended with a final score of 108-102 for the girls from the T-Dot. This year’s Disloyalists are fiercer than ever, with two new drafts from the Rogue Warriors, AmandaTory Sentence and Box Punch, and transfer skater from Rideau Valley Roller Girls, Bones, not to mention another season’s experience under their belts. Will it be enough to conquer the GTAR all-star team? Come to the game to find out!

The second game in this double header will see last year’s house champions, the Rogue Warriors, take on their hometown rivals the Skateful Dead. Last season ended in an edge-of-your-seat overtime jam in a penalty-packed game that just barely saw the Golden Boot land in the Rogues’ hands, but with two former Rogues now drafted to the Disloyalists and pile of talented (but untested) fresh meat packing the Dead roster, who will have the upper hand this season? This game is not one to be missed!

Win prizes at halftime! Enjoy the music of amazing surf/punk/power pop band Teenage Frankenstein! Hang out in the bleachers or the trackside beer garden (!) or bring your own chair for trackside seating up close to the action in the “suicide seats.” This bout is licensed and there will be food and beer, all courtesy of The Mansion. Follow us to that same bar for the afterparty — don’t miss your chance to party with the derby girls.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door (kids 10 and under are, as always, free). Buy your tickets online — you don’t even have to stand up or put on pants! Or if you’re out and about (pants recommended) you can get your tickets at The Mansion, at the UPS Store downtown or in the west end, at Novel Idea, at Blossoms Kingston, or at Get Funky Boutique. For a derby experience you won’t soon forget, you might also consider getting some friends together to buy yourselves a fancypants VIP table to sit trackside and have your beer and food brought to you. Contact the fine people of our sponsorship team to find out more about VIP tables.

Huge derby fan? We know you are. It’s not too late to buy yourself some season tickets and make sure you don’t miss a second of the best roller derby season in Kingston yet.

Want to know when else we’re playing in Kingston? Check out our Bout Schedule, yo!

May the Fourth be with you indeed, friends. See you soon!

2013 Season Preview: The Rogue Warriors

This is a guest Post by Rogue Warrior captains Kimminent Danger and Flaming Hips.

Years ago, and for reasons long forgotten, women in rollerskates and derby gear went to battle, touching off a fury which fuelled them all. Only those fast enough to jam or brutal enough to block would survive. In this maelstrom of decay, women were battered and smashed. Twenty women wandered out into the wasteland. It was here in this blighted place that we learned to live again. As Rogue Warriors.

With one full, successful year of roller derby behind us, and as champions of the Kingston Derby Girls’ 2012 Battle of the Boot, your favourite post-apocalyptic derby girls are carrying the torch of dystopian heroism into the next season. We have searched the shadows of the former world for formidable opponents, and proudly present the Rogue Warrior 2013 Bout Schedule:

May 4 – vs. Skateful Dead @ Kingston
June 8 – vs. Area 705 @ Kingston
June 22 – vs. Durham Region Roller Derby @ Durham
Aug. 17 – vs. Derby Debutantes @ Toronto
Sept. 7 – vs. Skateful Dead @ Kingston
Oct. 5 – “Dead Rogues” combo team vs. Bombshell Battalion @ Alliston

Simultaneously fighting the challenges of mass global destruction and gangs of angry girls on rollerskates, your Rogue Warriors are juking and sternum-blocking their way through the dust clouds to bring you a season of incredible roller derby. Having loved and lost three fantastic players at the end of last season (Amandatory Sentence and Box Punch to the Disloyalists, and Bad Princess to Durham), this powerful mob of twenty amazing women have strapped on their yellow goggles to form the 2013 roster, which includes three fresh meat, two transfer players, and fifteen veteran Rogue skaters:

Zesty Enterprise
Lusty B. Fearsome
eff ewe (formerly Cabin Fever)
Veggie Smash
Violet Von Tramp
Nikki Heat
Fate Tempter
Frieda Frankenstorm (Disloyalist transfer)
Princess Rednek (Peterborough transfer)
Deus ex Smashin’ Ya
Cat O’Clysm
Tinker Ring’r Bell
Impatience (formerly Incarcerator)
Little Tank
Kimminent Danger (Co-captain)
Flaming Hips (Co-captain)

This inspirational lineup of fierce and feisty women won’t be navigating the chaos of the track alone; the Rogue Warriors are pleased to be whipped into shape by our two fearless coaches again this season: Glitterbomb and Reba Smackintire. Armed with lethal skills in statistical analysis, strategy, and physical fitness, these coaches will not rest until they’ve drained every last ounce of hope from the hearts of all derby girls who cross their path.

With two months of off-skate training, rules school, a fitness challenge, and killer karaoke, we have recently hit the track with renewed vengeance and vigor to whip, check, juke, hit, and skate our way to victory. We join our favourite allies and archenemies, the Skateful Dead, along with our beloved derby sisters, the Disloyalists, in training at Queen’s University for the next couple of months. In April, we come home to the Memorial Centre just in time to play our first bout, on May 4th against the Dead.

Though there will be challenges, not the least of which will be learning to play under the new WFTDA rule set, your 2013 Rogue Warriors vow to bring audiences to their feet and opponents to their knees.

Gas masks and derby love,
Hips and Danger

Roller derby radio documentary

A new addition to the Rogue Warriors, Bluestocking, recently finished an amazing half hour radio documentary about roller derby in Kingston.

The piece was originally broadcast on CFRC for International Women’s Day celebrations. Check it out — what a fantastic way to get excited about another amazing KDG season!!

2013 Season Preview: The Skateful Dead’s Call to Action

This is a guest Post by the Skateful Dead’s Boney L’Ass.

My fellow Deadheads,

From the depths of the grave to the mean streets of Kingston, I bring you a message of unity, of solidarity, of hope. This is your call to action and my DEMAND for your dedication to your duty as proud members of the Dead Army toward our ultimate and total roller derby victory.

The signs of a second coming are upon us. Rising to our ranks from the gruelling caste of Fresh Meat Camp come eight dead women of vicious calibre. The Skateful Dead welcome their kinsmen with open arms: CM Tower, Frigger Skater, Jin & Toxic, Revengineer, Sandra Deevious, Saragorn, Xela, and their leader, Dyke Spice.

The Skateful Dead remember their fallen comrades: KinderSurpriseYa, Smackinnon, No Pity Venditti, and Sir John Eh Smackdonald. Fellow Derby warrior (B)lackey(E) is fighting the good fight with our sisters-in-arms, the Chicks Ahoy. We laud our relentless former captain, Coop du Jour (formerly Coop de Loop) and power blocker Booty on Duty, who, after this time of rest, will rejoin our ranks next year. It is their ground work, fallen comrades, transfers, and recoverees alike, that has brought us to this glorious moment in history.

We are led into battle by our fearless captains, Newey and Improved and Polly Slamory. Both are notable blockers and pivots who have proven their worth on the track in years past. They are sure to help us overcome any opposition.

Your Deadly Red’s vanguard of heroic blockers has donned their pads and lie in wait. Timbit has perfected her art of appearing for a hit from the mist. Amanda SlugNKiss returns from the depths of the Amazon with new skills and focus. No enemy dare pass WD Forte, whose speed and hits leave victims to slip. Half-women-half-skeleton and former captain Careless Whips-Her remains one of the great pivots of the Skateful with a razor-sharp eye for plays. We also welcome back Knit Whip (formerly 4 Wheel Drive), who has overcome all odds for her love of the cause. Derby Girls of the Vanguard, we salute you!

Let us not forget our small but sure-footed jammers. League founder and creator of our cause Skate at Home Mom remains ever tireless. The unstoppable, unblockable TyKnee Smasher skates again. Also, your humble speaker, Boney L’Ass, will continue to skate for your love. Onward, past resistance, we skate.

Breaking free of the shackles of death, we skate for you, Deadheads. Rise up from your chairs, lift your voices, and cheer on your champions! We are the SKATEFUL DEAD, and we will not rest until VICTORY is upon us!

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page, Deadheads, for information on Skaters, Bouts, Events, and our next step in TOTAL DERBY DOMINATION!

- B L’A

[Ed. note: Check out the Disloyalists' Season Preview by Little Orphan Maker Annie. Coming soon: The Rogue Warriors!]