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We Be Trippin’ (to Orangeville, Ontario!)

Written by Mary Helmer & Kaume-A-Kazi

On Saturday, March 7th 2015, the Kingston Derby Girls embarked on their first road trip of the season to participate in The Boys and Girls Clubbing one-day tournament hosted in Orangeville, Ontario by the Orangeville Roller Girls and Toronto Men’s Roller Derby. Participants included 4 women’s teams and 2 men’s teams. This tournament saw KDG’s Disloyalists take on Orangeville’s Pulp Affliction and the GTA Rollergirls’ G-Stars in two back-to-back, action-packed bouts.

First up was the bout against Pulp Affliction, where our Disloyalists took first blood and the early lead. The first half saw some great teamwork, however despite a  strong start the girls headed to the change room on the lower end of the scoreboard. After regrouping at during half-time, KDG’s warriors in blue came back out with a fighting spirit and rallied to keep ORG at bay throughout the entire second half. The final score of the game was  Pulp Affliction-228 Disloyalists-141, with the lovely Coop Du Jour taking the MVP award.

A mere hour later, the Disloyalists were back at it on the track, warming up to take on the G-Stars. As with the first bout, KDG stole the lead. Unfortunately,  a number of injuries occurring in the second half brought the roster down to a mere 9 players, causing coaches Princess Redneck, Mr. Management, and El Kapitain to make the incredibly tough decision to call the game. Tyknee Smasher was named MVP, and the final score was 195-66 for the G-Stars.

Overall, the tournament was an amazing day of derby, which saw the Disloyalists girls playing two, three, and as many as five jams in a row. There were many spectacular feats, including fast, fierce jams, strong secure walls, and some awe-inspiring blocker/jammer sandwiches! The Disloyalists played with class and strength. Despite being small in numbers, they were mighty! An impressive start to the season, if I do say so myself.


Photo Courtesy of Tonkabell


Facing off in Orangeville

Wishing our Disloyalist ladies luck today as they represent the Kingston Derby Girls in “The Boys and Girls Clubbing Spring Invitational”  in Orangeville. They’ll first be taking on the Orangeville Roller Girls’ Pulp Affliction, followed by a bout against GTA Rollergirls’ G-Stars in this round-robin tournament.   All the best to our players and coaches participating in KDG’s first bout of the season!

The Boys and Girls Clubbing

Fresh Meat Camp 2015!

If you’re looking to try something new, improve your fitness, or meet new people, you’re not going to find a better way to do all three than joining roller derby! Now is your chance to join the Kingston Derby Girls in 2015.

We will be holding an info session & pre-registration night on Thursday, November 27th 2014  7-9 PM at the Mansion (506 Princess Street). An additional registration night will take place on Thursday, December 11th 2014  7-9 PM at the same location.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a Kingston Derby Girl! Our Fresh Meat Committee members will be on hand to answer any questions and accept your registration forms and payment for our 2015 camp. The camp runs for 15 weeks (from January to April) and will teach you the skills and strategies necessary to play roller derby. No skating experience required! The cost is $160, including insurance, and you must supply all your own gear. Any questions, please email We hope to see you there!

KDG goes Back to Cruel — tomorrow!

Don’t miss the Biggest. The Best. The Most. The GREATEST night of roller derby in Kingston. It’s the fifth anniversary of Back to Cruel and you’ve never seen anything like it! First up, your hometown Disloyalists take on the Timber Rollers from London, Ontario. Last year these two teams battled for blood, and the Disloyalists took the win. This year, the Timber Rollers are coming for vengeance. Then, in the annual Battle for the Boot, the Skateful Dead will be defending the home team championship against the Rogue Warriors. Both teams will leave everything they have on the track. If you’re only going to make it to one derby game this year, this is the one to be at! (It’s also your very last chance until 2015.) See you tomorrow…it’s Back to Cruel!

Dear everyone.

Skate at Home MomThe 2014 season will be my last with KDG, and as the days fly by leading up to our fifth anniversary game, I can’t help but reflect on my time with this league, which has been such an integral part of me for so long. As I look back, I am filled with so much gratitude for all those who have made the past five years some of the best of my life, and I hope you’ll bear with me while I take a moment to appreciate those people.

Thank you first and foremost to my kids, who have involuntarily lent me out to this sport and this league for a staggering portion of 2009 through 2014. I don’t know that my youngest son even remembers a me without derby, but I do know that they have remained my staunchest supporters, through rushed dinners, ad-hoc babysitting arrangements, whirlwind trips to away games, “just one more email”s too many to count, fetching me things and learning to slow down when I broke my leg, and cheering me on when I put my skates back on following my injury. They’re sad to see me leave the league, but as my eldest enters his teenage years, I see how the years, months, days, and moments fly by and I want to enjoy the time I have with these two wonderful humans to the fullest.

Thank you to my mother, who has been to every game she could possibly attend, listened to countless hours of derby discussion, talked up our league and our sport everywhere she goes, and supported me in every single way she could (and there have been many) over the past five years.

Thank you more times than I can say to Kristi, my favourite skater in the universe, my partner on and off the track, who has talked me through a gazillion derby decisions and ideas, waited patiently while I waded through hundreds of emails post-meeting and pre-game, brought me ice packs, checked my pupils, fed me pizza, and loved and cared for me perfectly all around.

Thanks to my incredibly passionate, committed, and talented co-founder and dear friend, LaVallee of the Dolls. This league would not exist without her, and she made the past five years possible: both on the track and off. At my most exhausted, discouraged and burnt-out times, she was always the one to look me in the eye and say, “Pull it together. Your league needs you. You got this.” She has been my derby rock since long before Day One.

Thank you to the 66 brave and trusting women who lined up at our first registration and showed us in no uncertain terms that Kingston was ready for roller derby. This league has accomplished  amazing things every single year, but I know everyone who was there will agree that 2010 was something magical and I am so grateful that every single one of those 66 women was part of it.

Thank you to the directors who have sat on our board through league structure changes, shifts in direction, conflict, celebration, new teams, new leagues, transitions in skaters, coaches, volunteers… we weathered a lot of storms and I have such respect for every person who has accepted a nomination, and for those who have sat on the board to ensure that the big picture and long-term survival of the league is always at top of mind.

Thank you to the coaches and team-mates who showed me – a total rookie to any sport, let alone a team sport – how to train my body to do things I never thought it could do, how to accept feedback and learn from it, how to trust and depend on other people, how to put my team first while constantly pushing myself to be the best I can be. You’ve all taught me so much about teamwork, strength, and persistence – skills that are transferable to every aspect of life.

Thank you to all the skaters who taught me so much about group dynamics, running a non-profit sports league, how to keep going with this dream of a Kingston derby league even when things were really hard, both in and outside of derby.

Thank you to the intrepid PMS (Promotions, Media, Sponsorship) Committee who entrusted me for several years with the role of head of Media, which forced (I mean, allowed) me to get over my terror of speaking in public or on the record… Turns out when you have something you love and believe in more than anything it’s not so hard to talk about it to any sized group of people.

Thank you to every skater who has come up to me and told me your story of what derby has meant to you and how it has changed your life. Everyone’s story is different, and the same, and every single one moves me to tears. Every time. I know this sport has changed my life for the better and I am always so happy to hear others say the same. It makes my heart swell.

Thank you to our tireless volunteers: coaches, NSOs, refs, who do all the work without the glory of getting to play in the games – KDG would not be turning five without your selfless devotion. Thank you. And thank you again.

Thank you to our annual batch of freshies, who bring a much-appreciated injection of enthusiasm and excitement to our league every year. It was a privilege to be part of the fresh meat coaching team for a couple of years – you all re-ignited my love for derby with every single practice.

Thank you to all of my “civilian” friends who have stuck with me while I pursued this time- and mind-consuming passion – I can’t wait to see more of each and every one of you once my schedule returns to a normal pace.

Thank you to the Kingston community for helping to make my dream come true and coming out and supporting us at game after game – it is the biggest reward of all to see people filling the stands and getting to know and love the sport like we all do.

A huge thank you to all those skaters who will be back next year and continuing to make sure this league is a going concern in another five years. I have all the faith in the world that KDG will thrive in your committed, skilled, and powerful hands.

Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your time, your skill, your passion, and your commitment with this league. I am honoured to have been part of it and I can’t wait to cheer myself hoarse from the suicide seats next year and beyond.

All sentimental reflection aside now – I’d better see you all September 6th for our fifth annual Back to Cruel – it’s gonna be a good one.

Skate at Home Mom



Summer Smash-Up in Dundalk

The Kingston Derby Girls made their way to Dundalk, Ontario (we had to Google it too) this weekend for Summer Smash-Up, hosted by Fergus Roller Derby. The Disloyalists took on the Fergus Feims (we had to look that up too: apparently “feim” is Gaelic for “violent heat”) and fought hard but the Feims took the win 154 to 96. Next up, a Dead Rogues smashup team skating in Dead Red went up against GTAR’s Derby Debutantes. The lead changed almost every jam, it seemed, in this neck and neck battle, and your Kingston Derby Girls came out on top with a final score of 204 to 182. Congratulations to both KDG teams!

Cross-Border Battle

The Skateful Dead crossed the border last night to take on the Port City Sirens in the War of Sk8teen Twelve and the teams were well matched. Both teams fought hard and no one could predict who would come out on top. In the end, your hometown team in red, the Skateful Dead, took the win 251 to 241. Let’s do it again soon, New York State!

Training with Jess Bandit

Tonight we were lucky enough to host Jess Bandit of Montreal Roller Derby’s New Skids on the Block and Team Canada. Thanks so much for coming, Jess, and for the great blocking tips and strategy!

International roller derby hits Kingston

This guest post is brought to you by Rogue Warrior co-captain Red Nasty.

Saturday night saw two hard-fought battles on Canadian soil as our Kingston Derby Girls took on Port City Roller Derby of Oswego, New York. The teams were well-matched and both bouts were action-packed to the last jam.

Port City’s Breakwall Bombshells started out strong against the Disloyalists, taking a five-point lead with an apex jump in the first jam. Skateful Dead jammer Caume-a-Kazi, playing with the Disloyalists for the game, quickly closed the score gap, and TyKnee Smasher brought the Disloyalists to a 12-point lead with a power jam. By halftime, it was anyone’s game with a score of 101 to 83 in the Bombshells’ favour. Disloyalist blockers Madge and Willard (and guest Frigger Skater of the Skateful Dead) laid some heavy hits, but the Bombshells proved to be a second-half team, winning the bout with a final score of 215 to 170.

Kingston’s Rogue Warriors took the track for the second bout, facing off against the Port City Sirens. The Sirens racked up points right away in the first half, despite Rogues Nikki Heat and Kimminent Danger taking lead jammer early in the period. More aggressive blocking from the Rogue Warriors held the Sirens at bay, and rookie jammer Fist N’ Shout! took the Rogues to a lead of 79 to 77 in the last jam of the period. In the second half, the Rogues advanced their lead with blockers Sparta Kiss and Manic Breeze mercilessly hitting the Sirens’ jammer out of bounds. The Rogues beat out the Sirens with a final score of 197 to 153.

KDG would like to give a big thank you to our fantastic audience members for their support, and to all of our refs, officials, and volunteers for their dedication and hard work. Stay tuned for our next home bout on September 6, featuring all three of Kingston’s teams! Finally, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news, updates, and chances to win tickets to upcoming bouts.

International roller derby hits Kingston this Saturday

This guest post has been penned by Rogue Warrior co-captain Red-Nasty.

Get ready to watch some international action this Saturday as the Kingston Derby Girls face off against the USA’s Port City Roller Derby in Can-Am Slam!

Hailing from Oswego, New York, two of Port City’s teams will be competing in this double-header on Canadian soil. First up, at 6:30, the Breakwall Bombshells will take on our very own Disloyalists. The Bombshells have been officially undefeated so far this season, but the Disloyalists are returning from last month’s decisive win over the Durham Derby Devils and are hungry for more. Veteran jammers and blockers like LaVallee of the Dolls and Banger Management will be tearing up the track alongside Cat O’Clysm and Fist ‘N’ Shout!, newly drafted from the Rogue Warriors. The Disloyalists were defeated in their encounter with the Breakwater Bombshells last year, but with the help of new coaches Vincent and Vincent, they hope to turn the tables.

The second game of the night starts at 8:30, when Kingston’s Rogue Warriors trade bruises with the Port City Sirens. Crowd favourite Kimminent Danger will be jamming and blocking as the Rogues’ most menacing triple threat, while veteran blockers Bluestocking and Fate Tempter stop the Siren’s jammer in her tracks. Rookies Tara F. N. Headoff and the Blockness Monster will round out the Rogues’ impressive roster. Following a close loss to the Skateful Dead in their last home game, the Rogues are ready for a comeback.

As always, beer and snacks will be available from the Mansion’s trackside beer garden. Bring a chair for suicide seating if you want to get up close and personal while you cheer on your hometown (and home country) teams. Kingston hasn’t seen a battle like this since 1812! Doors open at 5:30 at the Memorial Centre (303 York Street). Tickets are $10 and are available online, at the door, or in Kingston at the Mansion, Digigraphics, Novel Idea, the Sleepless Goat, Chumleigh’s, and Blossoms.